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Call-for-Papers: Physical Activity, Cognitive and Motor Performance and the Aging Brain

Declines in cognitive, perceptual, and motor functions with age affect the performance of the aging elderly in many daily life activities. Nonetheless, research over the past two decades have provided compelling evidence that these declines can be delayed or even reversed and skills can be revived by engaging different sports activities and keeping an active lifestyle. Given the relatively fast rise in the proportion of elderly relative to the general population in Europe and worldwide, finding new approaches or interventions to alleviate the impact of age and promote independent lifestyle through active lifestyle is of an utmost importance.

In order to achieve this goal, gaps in knowledge regarding the underlying mechanisms of preserved cognitive and motor abilities in physically active older adults need to be bridged. Open “hot” questions in this respect are: (1) whether different types of sports affect differently cognitive vs. motor functioning and if so (2) whether underlying structural and functional changes occur at different substructure of the aging brain. Last but not least is the question whether having healthy active lifestyle across lifespan help to improve brain integrity and functionality in older age.

Inspired by Dr. Oron Levin and Dr. Yael Netz, we are calling for papers for the thematics series Physical Activity, Cognitive and Motor Performance and the Aging Brain. Presubmission enquiry can be sent via Contact us button in the submission system to check suitability of manuscript. This thematic series is now open to submissions.