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Table 2 Design implications

From: Exploring user experience and technology acceptance for a fall prevention system: results from a randomized clinical trial and a living lab

No. Exergames
1 Exergames should be easy to operate
2 The used language within the exergames should be easy to comprehend
3 It should require little learning effort to start using the exergames
4 It should not require much time effort to use the exergames
5 The exergames should work without malfunctions and have short loading times
6 Visualizations and graphical design should be attractive to the target group, especially for the young older adults
7 Playing the exergames should be fun for the target group
8 Exergames should provide different difficulty levels
  Activity trackers
9 Activity trackers should be easy to operate
10 Wearing such devices should be comfortable and convenient with regard to gender specific preferences
11 The effort required to start using such devices needs to be little
12 The effort to learn how to use such devices should be little
13 The design of activity trackers should be attractive to the target group
14 Activity trackers should provide visualizations for results to enhance user motivation
  1. Design implications are separated in the categories “exergames” and “activity trackers”. Each design implications has a preceded identification number