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Table 1 Recording sites contributing data from several settings to the FARSEEING meta-database

From: The FARSEEING real-world fall repository: a large-scale collaborative database to collect and share sensor signals from real-world falls

Recording site Settings and disease groups Status Subjects measureda
Robert-Bosch Hospital (RBMF), Germany Geriatric Rehabilitation Ongoing 1654
Community-dwelling Finished 249
University of Tübingen, Germany Ataxia On going 16
Idiopathic Parkinson’s Disease On going 5
Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) On going 12
Visual impairment Planned -
University of Nürnberg/Erlangen, Germany Assisted living (intellectual disability) Finished 67
German Sport University Cologne, Germany Dementia On going >70
Bethanien-Hospital/Geriatric Center at the University of Heidelberg, Germany Dementia On going >10
University of Auckland, New Zealand Nursing home Paused 19
  1. aUntil 31.12.2015