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Table 3 Prevalence of chronic diseases reported by athletes, chess players, moderately activity and inactive older adults

From: Masters or pawns? Examining injury and chronic disease in male Masters Athletes and chess players compared to population norms from the Canadian Community Health Survey

Activity Type N Mean (SD) p
(A) Masters Athletes 69 0.20 (0.53) AxC*, AxD*
(B) Chess 50 0.48 (0.84) BxC*, BxD*
(C) Moderately activity 64 1.33 (1.27) CxA*, CxB*
(D) Inactive 62 1.31 (1.46) DxA*, DxB*
Total 245 0.83 (1.19)  
  1. alpha adjusted ≤0.0125; SD: Standard Deviation; significance (p) is indicated by the asterisk (*)