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Fig. 1

From: Is every-day walking in older adults more analogous to dual-task walking or to usual walking? Elucidating the gaps between gait performance in the lab and during 24/7 monitoring

Fig. 1

An example histogram from one subject of the values of gait speed obtained during 30-s walking bouts across the week during the daily-living recording. The subject’s typical (50%) gait speed was 98 cm/sec, the worst (10%) was 77 cm/sec and the best (90%) was 113 cm/sec. The use of descriptors “worst” and “best” is according to in-lab terminology where higher = better and lower = worst. These labels may not be appropriate when they are applied to some daily-living conditions (e.g., when walking on a wet, slippery surface, a slower gait speed and a shorter step length may actually be the most appropriate behavior and not the “worst” behavior)

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