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Table 3 Quality score

From: A taxonomy of cognitive tasks to evaluate cognitive-motor interference on spatiotemoporal gait parameters in older people: a systematic review and meta-analysis

AuthorYear1234567891011Quality scoreRemarks
Asai [87]2014(x)(x)xx(x)xxxnoxx17design is not clearly identified; differences in subgroups variables sex (f/m), no studies for accuracy of accelerometer, SEM or validity
Auvinet [74]2017xxxx(x)(x)(x)x(x)x(x)17no studies for accuracy of equipment, SEM or validity; study is mainly descriptive: no control for baseline characteristics; sample size for subgroup “cautious gait” (< 10) low
Bauer [75]2010(x)(x)x(x)xxx(x)noxx16design is not clearly identified
Beauchet [19]2008x(x)xxnoxxxnoxx17design is not clearly identified; stopwatch as measurement
Bootsma-van der Wiel [76]2003xxx(x)noxx(x)x(x)x17no description of BMI or weight; no report of variance; stopwatch as primary measurement tool
Donoghue [88]2013xxxxxxxnonoxx18no reporting of estimate variance in results and confounding
Freire Junior [21]2017x(x)(x)(x)xxxnoxxx17design is not clearly identified; no sufficient description of the population group; no medications or comorbidities reported
Howcroft [77]2016x(x)xnox(x)xnonoxx14no gait specifications: design is not clearly identified; no description of BMI, cognition or number of medications, no baseline comparison reported
Johannsson [78]2016(x)x(x)xxx(x)xxxx19no mention of clear gait parameters (“challenging gait conditions”); research question and hypothesis missing; no sufficient information; in the method section
Mirelman [79]2012x(x)xxxxxxnoxx19design is not clearly identified
Muhaidat [20]2013x(x)x(x)no(x)xno(x)xx14design is not clearly identified; no description number of medications/drugs or disease; stopwatch used as primary measurement tool; pilot study with small sample size (no sample size calculation); differences of baseline characteristics reported but no statistical analysis done
Nordin [80]2010xxxxxxxnono(x)x17only medians reported
Reelick [81]2011(x)(x)(x)xx(x)(x)xnoxx15no gait specifications; design is not clearly identified, no description of BMI or height; small sample size
Reelick [89]2009x(x)(x)xx(x)(x)xnoxx16design is not clearly identified, small sample size
Springer [82]2006x(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)x(x)x(x)x15no sufficient information about study design; no description number of medications/drugs or disease
Toulotte [83]2006(x)xx(x)x(x)xxxxx19research question is not precise; no description number of global cognition and medication use or diseases
Toulotte [84]2006x(x)x(x)x(x)(x)xxxx18No description of global cognition; report of means and estimate of variance in main results are missing
Verghese [85]2017(x)(x)x(x)xxx(x)no(x)x15research question is unclear; study design unclear; no report of variance
Wollesen [90]2017xxxxxxxxxxx22 
Yamada [86]2011(x)(x)no(x)(x)no(x)nononono5research question and hypothesis missing; insufficient information of the other items
  1. Legend: x: yes, (x): partially with general remarks, no: no/unclear. Item 1, sufficient description of question/objective; 2, appropriate study design; 3, appropriate method of participant selection or source of information/input variables; 4, sufficient description of patient characteristics; 5, report of means of assessment with outcome measures well defined and robust to measurement/misclassification bias; 6, appropriate sample size; 7, appropriate analytic methods and method description; 8, report of estimate of variance in main results; 9, control for confounding; 10, sufficiently detailed report of results; 11 conclusions supported by the results. Specifications: 1: clearly description, mention of specific gait parameters (no generalization e.g. gait changes), 2 / 3: precise information of in- and exclusion criteria and recruitment, 4: specific baseline characteristics of population (older people) must include: age, distribution male/female, global cognition, BMI or height/weight, number of medications or chronic disease/comorbidities, and for healthy older people: TuG, SPPB or comparable test of physical abilities, 5: Primary and secondary outcome must be clearly described. Error of measurement must be discussed, 6: sample size calculation should be reported 8: Means and estimate of variance (SD or IQR) must be reported for main outcome