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Table 6 Results of the comparison of the spatio-temporal parameters of FUs and FTUs with and without rollator

From: Walking with rollator: a systematic review of gait parameters in older persons

  gait velocity stride time step time swing time stance time double support time cadence stride/step length step width base of support toe off angle heel strike angle max. Toe clearance
Härdi et al.[21]a + o     o +     
Schülein et al.[2]a +    +     +    + +
Rampp et al.[28]b   o   +    +      
Schwenk et al.[29]b +     + +     
Kegelmeyer et al. [23]c o o o o   o        
Liu et al.[24]c     + +      
Mahoney et al.[25]c         o     
Protas et al. [27]c o       o o      
Schülein et al.[2]c +    +     +    + +
  1. aFUs; b FUs and FTUs; c FTUs; + increase with the use of a rollator; − decrease with the use of a rollator; o no significant difference