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Table 1 Laboratory-based assessments for wave 1 and wave 2

From: Predictors of real-life mobility in community-dwelling older adults: an exploration based on a comprehensive framework for analyzing mobility

  Wave 1 Wave 2
Domains Predictors Measures (Assessment tools) Predictors Measures (Assessment tools)
Physical Gait Gait Speed, iTUG [56] Gait Gait Speed
Muscle strength Handgrip Strength, Leg Strength Muscle strength Handgrip Strength, Leg Strength
Cardio fitness PWC 130 Balance Jerk, 4SST [57]
Cognitive Planning ability HOTAP.A Test [58] Planning ability HOTAP.A Test [58]
Visuospatial attention Attention-Window (AW) test [59] Visuospatial attention Attention-Window (AW) Test [59]
Spatial working memory Grid-Span [60] Switching TMT, D2 Test of Attention [61]
Psychological Self-efficacy FES [62], GSE [63] Self-efficacy FES [64], ABC-D [62], SSE [65], mGES-D [66]
Rigidity MPTE.2 [67] Loneliness UCLA Loneliness Scale (UCLA) [68]
ArousalX MPTE.1 [67] Depression GDS [69]
Social Sociableness MPTE.3 [67] Sociableness MPTE.3 [67]
Perceived Help Availability ISEL-TSS [70] Perceived Help Availability ISEL-TSS [70]
Perceived Ageism ASS [71] Social Networks LSNS [72]
  1. Note: iTUG = instrumented Timed Up-and-Go Test, PWC=Physical Work Capacity Test, HOTAP = Action- and Daily planning, FES=Falls Efficacy Scale, GSE = General Self-Efficacy Scale, MPTE = Multidimensional Personality Test for Adults, ISEL-TSS = Interpersonal Support Evaluation List-Tangible Support Subscale, ASS = Ageism Survey Scale, 4SST = Four Square Step Test, TMT = Trail-Making-Test, ABC-D = German version of the Activities-Specific Balance Confidence, SSE = Stair Self-Efficacy Scale, mGES = modified Gait Efficacy Scale, GDS = Geriatric Depression Scale, LSNS = Lubben Social Network Scale