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Table 2 Influence of medication on cardio-metabolic parameters

From: The difference in sleep, sedentary behaviour, and physical activity between older adults with ‘healthy’ and ‘unhealthy’ cardiometabolic profiles: a cross-sectional compositional data analysis approach

MedicationCardio-metabolic Parameter
GlucoseTriglycerideTotal CholesterolHbA1cLPLIL-6PIIINP
Directly targeting CVD0.940.060.690.270.890.240.59
(in)directly targeting CVD0.640.320.900.680.310.760.35
Inflammatory + (in)directly targeting CVD0.470.920.090.190.00*0.710.88
  1. Data presented as p value. * Bold - Covariate has a significant effect on a cardio-metabolic endocrine parameter concentration (p<0.05)