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Table 3 Summary of usability protocol with supervisors’ observations and participants’ feedback

From: A usability study of a multicomponent video game-based training for older adults

CriteriaPositive aspectsNegative aspects
Functionality and interaction with the system− Good and stable connection of laptop (with system software) to TVa− Technical issues (as system crashes or frozen pictures on the screen)a,b
− Simple set upb− Unstable (Bluetooth) connection of IMUs to the systema,b
− Easy usable game compositionb− Navigation via laptop keyboard instead by IMUs (as cursors)a
 − Inaccurate evaluation of movements by IMUs (evaluation algorithms)a
IMUs− Comfortable to wear (participants did not notice them during training)b− Suboptimal material of IMU cover (cover expanded after heating up while charging)a
 − Suboptimal material of IMU fixation strap (difficult to clean the Velcro fixation, material sticks to some clothes)a,b
 − Difficulties to attach the IMUs with the Velcro fixation (especially at wrists)a,b
Design− Exciting game story of travelling around Europe to different citiesb− No variation in musicb
− Pleasant musicb− No explanation about feedback system (colour code, performance score)b
− Helpful cues (arrows) to prepare the next movementb 
− Virtual instructor guiding through exercisesb 
− Helpful indication of number of exercise repetitionsb 
Training principles− Visual feedback with colour code (green, orange, red) during exercisingb− No specific feedback regarding exercise execution and single body part movementsa,b
− Performance score as feedback after exercisingb− Training load and progression determined by supervisors (no automatic progression)a
 − Low variability in exercisesa,b
 − Training load even in high levels not exhausting1,2
Exercises− Clear structure of exercise levelsb− No proper introduction of exercises (just start copying the movements of the virtual instructor)a,b
− Complex exercises with additional arm movements provide more fun than simple (boring) movementsb− Only frontal view of exercises (side view missing)b
 − No further information about exercise (e.g. muscles involved)b
Emotions− General enjoyment and funa,b− Frustrated and displeased by technical issues and inaccurate evaluation of movementsa,b
− Increased motivation through virtual instructor (better than train alone)b− Missing challenge due to easy exercisesa,b
− Happy when seeing a progress or achieving higher performance scorea,b− Bored of low training variabilitya,b
  1. IMU Inertial measurement unit. asupervisors’ observations, bparticipants’ feedback.