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Table 2 E-health intervention strategies

From: The effect of e-health interventions promoting physical activity in older people: a systematic review and meta-analysis

E-health strategiesDescription
1. Automated adviceProvide pre-designed physical activity advice (e.g., benefits of physical activities) to participants automatically by computer or internet.
2. Tele-counsellingProvide physical activity counselling (e.g., goal-setting, prompting, planning) by human facilitators via telephone or smartphone.
3. Digital-tailored adviceProvide physical activity advice (e.g., time, types, benefits of physical activity) to participants considering the participants’ individuality (e.g., baseline physical activity) by computer or internet.
4. Digital PA recordingAllow participants to input their physical activity performance (e.g., step count) so that participants can understand the progress of their performance.
5. Digital PA coachingProviding coaching (e.g., goal setting, prompting, social support, demonstrations) for participants via digital platforms (e.g., online forums, texting) according to the individuality of the participants (e.g., baseline physical activity performance, on-going progress).
6. Online resourcesProvide physically active lifestyle resources online (e.g., types of physical activity, health benefits of physical activities, places to perform physical activity).
7. Online social supportProvide an online platform for participants and the facilitator to share their physical activity tips and supportive messages.
8. PA auto-tracking feedbackProvide automatic tracking and feedback (e.g., trend of step counts, physical activity time, percentage of target achieved) by wearable devices (e.g., smartphones, wrist bands).
9. Video demonstrationsProvide physical activity demonstrations via video (e.g., DVD, online video streaming).
10. Video gamesProvide video-game-based activities to enhance physical activity time.
11. Video vignettesProvide successful stories of behavioural change from being sedentary to becoming physically active.