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Table 1 The Five Factor Model personality traits and their facets according to NEO-PI-3 [6]

From: Personality traits and physical functioning: a cross-sectional multimethod facet-level analysis

Neuroticism Extraversion Openness Agreeableness Conscientiousness
N1 Anxiety E1 Warmth O1 Fantasy A1 Trust C1 Competence
N2 Angry Hostility E2 Gregariousness O2 Aesthetics A2 Straightforwardness C2 Order
N3 Depression E3 Assertiveness O3 Feelings A3 Altruism C3 Dutifulness
N4 Self-Consciousness E4 Activity O4 Actions A4 Compliance C4 Achievement-Striving
N5 Impulsiveness E5 Excitement Seeking O5 Ideas A5 Modesty C5 Self-Discipline
N6 Vulnerability E6 Positive Emotions O6 Values A6 Tender-Mindedness C6 Deliberation