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Table 2 Quality assessment of included studies

From: Effects of low back pain on balance performance in elderly people: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Study Item Score
  Define source of information (survey or review) List inclusion and exclusion criteria for exposed and unexposed subjects (cases and controls) or refer to previous publications Indicate
time period used to identify patients
Indicate whether subjects were consecutive if not population-
Indicate if evaluators of subjective components of study were masked to, Other aspects of the status of the participants Describe any assessments undertaken for quality assurance purposes Explain any patient exclusions from analysis Describe how confounding variables were assessed or controlled for If applicable, explain how missing data were handled in the analysis Summarise patient response rate and completeness of data collection Clarify what follow-up, if any, was expected and the percentage of patients for whom incomplete data or follow-up was obtained  
Yi-Liang (2015) [20] Y Y Y U U Y N Y N Y N 6
Ito (2018) [21] Y Y Y U N Y N N U Y N 5
Brumagne (2004) [22] Y N N N U Y N Y U Y N 4
Ito (2017) [23] Y Y Y U N Y N Y U Y N 6
Lee (2016) [24] Y Y Y U N Y N Y N Y N 6
Iversen (2009) [25] Y Y Y U U Y N Y N Y N 6
Kendall (2018) [26] Y Y Y U N Y N Y N Y N 6
Sung (2017) [27] Y Y Y Y N Y N Y N Y N 7
(2010) [28]
Y Y N Y N N Y N Y Y N 6
(2012) [29]
Y Y N Y N Y N N Y Y N 6
Hicks (2018) [30] Y Y Y U N Y N N N Y N 5
Silva (2016) [31] Y Y Y Y N Y N N N Y N 6
Kato (2019) [32] Y Y N Y N Y N U N Y N 5