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Thematic series

Nutrition, Physical Activity and Aging

The topic of aging has attracted a significant volume of research throughout the years, inspiring studies across all disciplines. To embrace the advance of aging research, we announce a cross-journal collection on the theme of Nutrition, Physical Activity and Aging. 


Thematic series

Physical Activity, Cognitive and Motor Performance and the Aging Brain

Amongst other questions, this series considers whether having healthy active lifestyle across lifespan help to improve brain integrity and functionality in older age.

Edited by: Dr. Oron Levin and Dr. Yael Netz


Thematic series

iStoppFalls - A Home-based Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Solution to Predict and Prevent Falls in Older People

Fall prediction and prevention is a research field where technology can be used to facilitate healthy ageing, well-being and independent living. The primary aim of the iStoppFalls project was to develop and evaluate innovative home-based technologies for continuous monitoring and prevention of falls risk in older people.  This series presents the main results of the iStoppFalls project, which was joint-funded by the European Union (grant agreement 287361) and the Australian Government (NHMRC number 1038210). 

Edited by: Dr Wiebren Zijlstra